Our agency provides safe, high-quality service to as many Allen County senior citizens as possible.


We are able to provide assistance with...


  • Minor Home Repair & Maintenance

    • Change light bulbs, furnace filters

    • Storm Windows, removable screens, in & out

    • Caulk windows, clean spouting

  • Minor Plumbing Repairs

    • Simple leaks in lines, replace faucet washers

    • Minor sink and toilet repair

  • Heavy Household Cleaning

    • Wash walls & woodwork/clean wood paneling

    • ash windows, inside & outside

    • Clean behind furniture & appliances

    • Assist in cleaning cupboards & closets

    • Turn mattresses

    • Remove, clean & re-hang curtains & drapes

    • Help with cleaning out garages & basements

  • Installation of handrails, grab bars

  • Essential Errands

    • Grocery shopping

    • Pick up prescriptions

    • Deliver bill payments

    • Pick up stamps & supplies

    • Mail packages

    • Deliver forms for other assistance programs

Chore projects may include...


  • Painting – Inside, outside, includes trim and porch

  • Lawn care – rake leaves, mow grass, trim shrubs

  • Shampoo carpets


Please note: Requests for annual projects, such as mowing, must be made each year. The list is made up of a manageable number. Assessments are completed each year.


The activities listed are to serve as a guideline. Although there are some services we do not provide directly, we are often able to make referrals to other providers.



Contact the Council on Aging at 419-228-5135 to request service. A work time will be scheduled with you. Thank you for being home while the work is completed.



Tools Provided

Chore workers have tools, ladders, buckets, mowers, trimmers, rakes, shovels, etc. Thank you for providing other supplies when necessary.