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Meet The Team

Michael Hensley.jpeg

Executive Director

Michael K. Hensley, MPA        Hired October 2017

Gerald Burton.jpeg

Senior Services Resource Coordinator

Gerald Burton        Hired May 2004

Senior Services Resource Specialist

Pam Fitzgerald        Hired April 2013

Senior Services Resource Specialist

To Be Hired

Ella Picture - 20220109_130747_edited.jpg

Transportation Coordinator

Ella Napier        Hired September 1981

40+ Years of Dedicated Service



Assistant Transportation Coordinator

Joyce Buettner        Hired July 2000

Van Driver/Service Aide

Terry Boop        Hired May 2003

Van Drivers

Gregg Baker        Hired April 2009

Mary Caprella        Hired January 2013

Loretta Dunifon        Hired November 1977

Sandra Fleishans        Hired March 2011

Denise Holler        Hired August 2018

Ken McGlone        Hired December 2013

Tarry Moneer        Hired August 2008

Gary Newby        Hired September 2014

Debra Schmidt        Hired August 2008

Kathy Stark        Hired September 2018

Cheryl Binkley     Hired July 2022

KD.New Office Worker.JPG

Fiscal Manager

Thomas R. Carter        Hired July 2007

Judy Jacomet.jpeg

Information & Referral Specialist

Judy Jacomet       Hired May 1977

40+ Years of Dedicated Service

Receptionist/Administrative Aide

Barbara Kwiecinski        Hired August 2001

Receptionist/Administrative Aide

Sandra Holbrook        Hired July 2008

Lorain Lovett.jpeg

Elderly Day Care Program Coordinator

Lorain Lovett        Hired November 1978

40+ Years of Dedicated Service



Assistant Program Coordinator

Sharon Rogge        Hired September 1996

Program Aide

Jan Andrews        Hired April 2007

Bonnie Monford        Hired February 2023

Connie Dershem       Hired February 2023


Cindy Boyles        Hired November 1998

Day Care Nurses

Beth Gruebmeyer LPN     Hired January 2023

Mark Childs.jpeg

Chore Program Coordinator

Mark Childs        Hired February 1999

Chore Worker

Marla Snyder        Hired September 2017

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